Author Irving Brittle Jr., a.k.a. nicknamed “Sonny” was born and raised in the State of Virginia and considers himself a ‘True Southerner.’ Brittle moved to Florida in early 2018 to take care of his daughter, Ashton and his grandson, Ryder. His wife, Sue moved down in 2020 to complete the family move and unit, and became known as the ‘Sun Shine Family.’

Brittle grew up in a rural setting outside of Richmond, VA and enjoyed spending the ‘majority of his time’ outdoors, especially in his pursuit of his love for fishing. The area was inundated with ‘old granite’ quarries to be explored and fished. Granite mined from these quarries was used in building many of the government buildings in Richmond and Washington, DC.

Brittle attended public grade and high school in the Richmond area. He helped put together a ‘Rock-Soul Band’ in his sophomore through senior year. The music performed was from that genre with a focus on Soul Music performing hits of artists including Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, The Temptations, Four Tops and others. British rock was invading the American music scene at the time, so our band included many of the hits of the time. The band’s name was ‘C. B. and the Townships’ and included seven members. Brittle played bass guitar, keyboards,
and rhythm guitar.

During Brittle’s high school years, he worked various jobs including cutting neighbor’s grass and maintaining yards. Brittle also carried the morning newspaper, The Richmond Times-Dispatch for five years, and won a scholarship from the newspaper company for scholastic accomplishments and a ‘perfect service record’ by never missing a day – rain, snow, or shine. He also claims to
have been a dedicated ‘missing golf ball hunter.’ Selling lost balls to players whom he may have approached provided additional income. Brittle credits his work ethic to his parents, Irving, Sr. and Helen Brittle, both veterans of WWII. Upon graduation, Brittle attended the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA and graduated with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. He also worked on the Institute’s newspaper, The Cadet as a feature and story writer. His efforts won
him an award from the New York Times for interesting and in-depth stories. 
Upon graduation Brittle was to accept a commission in the Army Air Defense branch (his plan was to make the military a career). His pre-commissioning ‘medical exam’ ended his military career – disqualified due to ‘too many kidney stones (ouch)’ during his teen years. What to do?!?

Then, Brittle turned to his second love at the time, that being flying airplanes. His love for flying started at a young age. He earned licenses up through Commercial, and Brittle was working on becoming a flight instructor to build ‘flying time’ to qualify for an Airline Transport License. Again, kidney stones got in the way of passing his flight physical, so ‘what to do?’

Irving Brittle did receive his MBA from Averett University in Danville, VA in 1996. He strongly felt that when dealing with business owners, chief financial officers, etc., he had better know the ‘ins and outs’ of helping his customers maintain and grow their businesses.

Over the next thirty years, Brittle turned to something he found easy and rewarding, that being sales. He was involved in the sales of motorcycle aftermarket products, and worked the mid-Atlantic area calling on dealers. Brittle was hired as the ‘Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager’ for ‘Wet-Jet,’ the first sit-down jet ski in America. Unfortunately, the engineering behind Wet-Jet could not
compete with the Japanese versions including Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s, and Bombardier’s versions. The company went out of business. What to do?!?Brittle found another love – selling and marketing high-end maintenance oils and lubricants. He won several sales awards including New Salesman of the Year while employed at DA Lubricants, Inc. based in Indianapolis, Indiana for the entire US. During this time, Brittle had the opportunity to work with several of the very
best Oil and Refinery Companies in America: Shell Oil, Houston, TX, Texas Refinery Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas, D A Lubricants, Indianapolis, IN, and Brad Penn Oil, Bradford, PA. With a background in Chemistry, and a love for research, the maintenance oil industry was a good fit.

In 2013 Brittle was involved in an automobile accident which laid him up for a period of months. While lying in bed, he noticed a book on his night stand one day, and it just so happened it was the Holy Bible. God has a way of catching our attention when it’s time to start a project He had plans for us to fulfill. Brittle started reading one book in the Old Testament and one in the New
Testament – he was reading and not studying the Bible. When he started reading the Book of Acts, Brittle ran into St. Paul the Apostle, and his whole world changed - a Road to Damascus experience. Over the next eight years, he researched the life and times of St. Paul, and with all the notes accumulated, he decided to write a book – actually two books. Both works included information from over one-hundred extant authors.

The first concerned the life and times of St. Paul from birth to his martyrdom in Rome. Its title was St. Paul the Apostle: The Right Man at The Right Time. He found out Paul was ‘chosen by God and Jesus Christ’ to deliver the ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ’ to the Gentiles throughout the Roman Empire at that time; what was the gospel, and what does it mean for a new Christian?

Brittle was baptized at ten-years old and found out he didn’t know ‘what the Christian life entailed.’ This question led to the writing of his second book, ‘It’s Not Rocket Science: The Theology of St. Paul.’ The main purpose of this work was to help ‘new Christians’ understand ‘what it means to be Christian,’ and the initial steps one should take in ‘their new lifetime commitment to Christ.’ Through speaking with other Christians, Brittle found out many ‘seasoned
Christians’ were not aware of the steps in one’s Christian life: baptism, righteousness of God, justification, sanctification, holiness – all parts of the Christian experience with the reward of ‘eternal life’ with the heavenly Father and Christ.

Brittle has had opportunities to attend ‘book signings’ and speak to those interested in the life of St. Paul. In 2020, Brittle had the opportunity to visit Preach The Word Network TV in Atlanta, Georgia, and have a pre-recorded interview concerning his first book.

Today, the work still goes on, and a new book is in the making concerning Jesus’s and Paul’s references to the Old Testament prophets, and how they influenced Paul’s theology, and how Jesus used the prophets to explain His teachings.