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It’s Not Rocket Science: The Theology of St. Paul the Apostle offers an understandable and usable introduction to the theology of Paul of Tarsus.

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Irvings' Life

Author Irving Brittle Jr., a.k.a. nicknamed “Sonny” was born and raised in the
State of Virginia and considers himself a ‘True Southerner.’ Brittle moved to
Florida in early 2018 to take care of his daughter, Ashton and his grandson, Ryder.
His wife, Sue moved down in 2020 to complete the family move and unit, and
became known as the ‘Sun Shine Family.’

Brittle grew up in a rural setting outside of Richmond, VA and enjoyed spending
the ‘majority of his time’ outdoors, especially in his pursuit of his love for fishing.
The area was inundated with ‘old granite’ quarries to be explored and fished.
Granite mined from these quarries was used in building many of the government
buildings in Richmond and Washington, DC.